"A great sense of self. A lighter feeling overall and that I have other women are on the same path. A great feeling. Also knowing that my future choices are good to go within my gut! Much needed weekend."

"This was "Detox for my soul." Detox your soul, detox your life. Thank you for your help with my journey!"
"Wow - I'm taking away a renewed life perspective. The joy I found among this group of women was unlike any experience I've had. I certainly know the universe directed me here."

"I am taking away friendships that I want to last a lifetime. These ladies are loving and hilarious. I am also taking away products (books, body & CDs) and tools that will help me on my manifestations. I am also happy about my Accountability Partner to call me on my bullshit stories."

"I think everyone needs to do this kind of work for themselves."

"I have to say my life has evolved in magical ways since the retreat! I found a great guy, and I attribute it to the release of negative self-beliefs that I was able to let go of in Florissant. I practice self-love and give freely now. It's amazing the power that the retreat held for me. I am appreciative of each of the people there and the impact you each had on me. Peace and love to all!"

"I am taking away confidence that I can create change in my life where I once felt blocked. I am taking away a vibrant community of women who love me and will hold me accountable when I need it."

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