Jump start your life by EMBRACING YOU!


Are you tired of all your excuses?

We all have excuses on why we can't be happy, healthy and powerful. Let us help you EMBRACE the excuses, fears, past experiences, so that they no longer hold you hostage. Let us help you to EMBRACE who you want to be and who you are meant to be. EMBRACE your authentic self without apologies! EMBRACE the flaws, fears and imperfections so that they no longer have power!
Let's EMBRACE life!

When a group of women come together, amazing synchronicities begin to manifest. Woman have used groups as a means for deeper connection to self, others and spirit/universe for centuries. In our busy lives nowadays, this communion gets lost. 

This retreat will teach you:

~Why your body craves certain foods and how to identify the triggers

~How to change your limiting beliefs 

~The power of daily affirmations 

~How to incorporate a healthy diet and lifestyle that makes sense for you

~How to embrace your emotions with empathy

~How to honor yourself through ritual and ceremony
Women’s lives can be referred to in cycles. At different spaces in the journey, some require insight and reflection, some require showing up or action, some require new or renewed friendships or some require creation of ideas or things. Similarly, what they all require is the soul and hearts of women, wherever they are on their journey one can honor the gifts, and guidance and community support with tribe to Embrace the cycles.  

When you have completed this retreat you will have been TRANSFORMED!
You will have: 

~Learned about your body, mind and soul as it relates to;

*emotional release
*spiritual consciousness 

~Connected with other beautiful souls who share your desire to EMBRACE life, love, healing and authentic happiness

~Feel more empowered to create the life that you want to experience

~You will be more loving and forgiving of yourself

~Know you are enough as you are

                Jumpstart your Summer by EMBRACING YOU!  

  “When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again.”
   ― Marianne Williamson 





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